Edited issues of Journals

Marcel Proust Aujourd’hui is an international bilingual journal that wants to be a meetingplace for Proust scholars as well as for all those readers of the Recherche who desire to know how the research on his work is developing today. General issues alternate with issues on a specific subject.

Editors: Sjef Houppermans (University of Leiden), Nell de Hullu-van Doeselaer (University of Leiden),  Manet van Montfrans (University of Amsterdam), Annelies Schulte Nordholt (University of Leiden) and Sabine van Wesemael (University of Amsterdam).

Since 2001, 12 issues of the MPA have been published. The next issue, number 13,  ‘La sensation proustienne’ is due November 2016.

Link: www.Brill.nl